TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – Mad Max: Fury Road, Spy, Spectre


Back on Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday, where every week we take some time to get all hysterical over new movies coming out. This time we’ve got the second trailer for two movies, and a teaser for the third.

The more I see of Mad Max: Fury Road, the more I like it. Truly looks as though it will both capture the look and feel of the Mel Gibson Mad Max flicks, and add something completely new to the story. The visuals and the soundtrack are mesmerizing.

Next up, a closer look at the upcoming comedy Spy. Ground-breaking? Maybe not, but it looks like solid laughs to me.

Keeping with the spy theme, our final trailer this week blew doors down when it was released. Take a deep look at the immaculately imagined world of the new 007 in Spectre.

Which trailer excited you the most? ~Steve

TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – The Vatican Tapes, Insidious: Ch3, Pixels


Welcome to Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday, where every week we take some time to geek out over new movies coming out. This time around they’re all scary! Two of them because they’re horrors, the third becuse it just looks that bad. Dive in!

First to the plate is another possession movie in a long line of them. But I love possession movies, and if you do too you’ll dig this trailer for The Vatican Tapes

The second trailer to scope out is for the third film in a series: Insidious: Chapter 3. Like the previous chapters, it’s all about the demons, the ghosts, and the creepy other world where time is not as it seeeeeeeems.

Finally the biggest scare of all! Scary because this movie should be comepletely awesome and it truly looks terrible to me. Amazing effects, cool plot, awful awful jokes. Soak in some Pixels.

Which trailer scared you the most? ~Steve

Northern Spotlight Juno Prediction Edition

As you may or may not know the Juno’s are happening tonight! A great celebration of the accomplishments in Canadian music over the last year so I based the Spotlight this week on my predictions of who’s gonna win big. For a full list of nominations go here. Also don’t forget to listen to the Northern Spotlight Saturday nights at 8and Sunday mornings at 11. _Andrew


TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – Trainwreck, Sisters, Mortdecai


Time to tickle that funny bone. It’s the all-comedy edition of Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday!

First up is a new Judd Apatow joint starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader called Trainwreck

Next we’ve got a follow up to Baby Mama with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, only this time they’re blood. Check out Sisters.

I love the hilarious roles Johnny Depp has been putting on lately. His role in Mortdecai doesn’t look like it will break that chain.

Which movie tickles you most? ~Steve