Back with another one o’ them block-rockin Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesdays! We’re jumping genres today, so strap in.

With Jackie Chan and John Cusack (and to a lesser degree Adrien Brody) leading the cast, I was expecting something a little more Shanghigh Noon from Dragon Blade. But by the end of the trailer… well you should just watch for yourself.

Who loves found-footage based horrors?! *crickets* Ok, they’re a bit overnumerous these days, but I’ve still got love for the Paranormal Activity series. A bit. This one seems to be trying to take a page out of the Insidious book. Here’s a taste of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

Big jump this time! From horror to totally wholesome, it’s the return of everyone’s favourite martial arts panda! Kung Fu Panda 3.

Which movie do you want to watch first? ~Steve

TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – The Secret Life of Pets, Zootopia, The Peanuts Movie


Welcome to the ALL-ANIMATED edition of Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday! Let’s take a look at some coming-soon toons.

First up to the plate is a film I hadn’t heard of before today, but about something I’ve pondered countless times: The Secret Life of Pets.

And leaving the house and heading to the zoo, I give you Zootopia. But wait, it’s not about a zoo filled with gawking humans. It’s about the world WITHOUT humans.

Finally we take a look at a movie with a whole host of familiar faces, and presumably adults who sound like horns: The Peanuts Movie.

Which animated trailer do you like best? ~Steve

TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – Mockingjay P.2, Z for Zachariah, The Martian


Welcome back to Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday! Kick your feet up, adjust your slacks for optimum comfort, and take some time just for you to check out some awesome-looking coming soons.

Nice to see a post-apocalyptic film starting with the letter Z that doesn’t have anything (that we know of) to do with zombies. Don’t get me wrong, I do love undead flicks, but Z for Zachariah does look like a breath of fresh air.

At firts I drew a lot of similarities between this trailer and Interstellar, but after watching through the trailer, The Martian looks to stand on it’s own sci-fi feet.

And the big one, likely to make all the money ever at the box office: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

Which trailer is the best of the best? ~Steve

TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – The Good Dinosaur, American Ultra, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation


I admit it right off the bat, this edition of Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday is incomplete. That’s because I want to show you the new Mission Impossible trailer… but it’s not out until tomorrow. MOVING ON THEN!

There was a meeting way back when where all of the beloved Pixar movie ideas sprang from. But all of those ideas have been made into movies already. That makes it so much more exciting when they announce something new, like The Good Dinosaur.

Next up is Bella Swan and Lex Luthor in a strange pot-fueled murder tale called American Ultra. There’s a redband trailer out there as well for anyone interested..

Tomorrow comes a brand new trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and I hate waiting. So in the meantime here is the initial teaser with that crazy plane take-off stunt.

Which trailer does it for ya? ~Steve

UPDATE! Here’s that new MI:5 Trailer for ya…

TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – The Gallows, Point Break, Batkid Begins


This edition of Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday is gonna get your waterworks flowing. Don’t believe me? Let’s dive in!

As much as ANOTHER found-footage horror movie makes me groan, I still watch them and end up enjoying. The hand-held style just brings me right into the action. So with a groan and a grin, here’s the trailer for The Gallows.

The seccond trailer is the second-telling of… Point Break. Wait, what? I hope Anthony Kiedis gets another role.

And here’s the serious tear-jerker. If you don’t already know the background of Miles aka Batkid, welcome to sobtown. Check out the very real story of Batkid Begins. Told ya.

Which trailer grabbed your eye? ~Steve



Bringing another trio of movie trailers for you to check out during your mid-week downtime. Don’t have any downtime? Make some for Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday!

We may have already seen a trailer for Pixels (and scoffed at it), but the second look actually shows a little something something. Feeling any better about it?

As we get into our second trailer, I’d like to pose a question. People seem to get their knickers twisted about superhero movies coming out or being rebooted too quickly. And yet no one complains about a Peter Pan movie or mini-series or live-on-tv production coming out every season? Regardless, Pan does look pretty darn good. Take a look:

“Oh, it’s a bit upsetting at the end, isn’t it?” I am waiting with baited breath on pins and needles for this documentary called Amy. I was ravenous for Amy Winehouse music, waiting eagerly for the next album or single, until some really bad news hit. This documentary covers just about every day of the tragic journey she took.

Which trailer is number one to you? ~Steve


Sure Michael Jackson’s life was full of controversy, but you can’t deny he gave us so much amazing music that will live on forever, people 50 years from now will still know his name. Along with great music came great noises, here‘s a video of all the random noises MJ made in all of his music _Andrew


TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – Vacation, Crimson Peak, Jem and the Holograms


There’s a long weekend coming up, but who are we kidding? You need a break right now! Goo thing it’s time for Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday. Kick those feet up.

First up is Vacation, but let me give you the disclaimer. This is the raunchy RedBand trailer – not for the young’uns. Looks absolutely hilarious to me.

Next up is an interesting film featuring our favourite adopted-Asgardian Tom Hiddleston. Plus it’s a ghost story from Guillermo Del Toro. Can’t even resist Crimson Peak.

Finally we’ve got a trailer so outrageous that it’s actually an outrage (Nerdist beat me to that joke). Get ready to be totally disappointed by the Jem and the Holograms trailer. Heads up: there are no holograms.

Which trailer is top pick for you? ~Steve

TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – Magic Mike XXL, The Last Witch Hunter, Absolutely Anything


Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday is BACK, time to dive into 3 very different new movies coming out.

Starting with the man candy, Magic Mike XXL‘s trailer has hit the internet hard. No pun intended. Check out the brand spanking new clip.

The next trailer features Vin Diesel as a supernatural hunter and actually manages not to make you groan “Not another one of these movies!” See for yourself with the trailer for The Last Witch Hunter.

The next film reminds me of The Invention of Lying, Bruce Almighty, and Sean of the Dead all wrapped in one. It’s called Absolutely Anything.

Which trailer gets your pick? ~Steve

TRAILER-WATCHIN’ WEDNESDAY – Jurassic World, Batman v Superman, Star Wars: The Force Awakens + MORE


Back after a break from Trailer-Watchin’ Wednesday, where (almost) every week we take some time to get freak out over the sweet new movies coming out. This week… is a doozey. Come along for the ride.

There’s a line in the new Jurassic World trailer that is about the dino park, but actually sounds more like a description of the real-world audience reacting to any new posters and trailers that come out. This one adds a familiar face from the first film, which furthers my suspicions that this new film takes place in a world where the storm never hit the island, the park investors got their testimonials, and the park opened without a hitch.. until someone “made the same mistakes all over again.” Check it out.

The next trailer followed the timeline of Avengers: AoU spots – meaning that it was leaked forcing the studio to release the HD version online early. And fans rejoiced. Then they announced that even more footage would be put into the trailer released when the first was supposed to be dropped. And fans rejoiced. Here is the first full look.. at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In my opinion, here is the best saved for last. I get chills seeing the downed star destroyer just like I did whenever I see Luke looking into the twin-sunset of Tatooine in Episode 4. Now we’re onto a brave new world in Episode 7. Here’s Teaser #2 for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

And for good measure, here’s Matthew Mcconaughey’s reaction to it, perfectly capturing the awestruck little kids in all of us fans.

Which trailer gave you the most goosebumbs? ~Steve