I had the great opportunity to talk with LUVLYF (Collette Trudeau) the other day.   She is such a talented lady vocally, and when it comes to lyrics or making music she is incredible.  I featured her and some of her classics songs as well as her latest Rush on  The Northern Spotlight, due to time constraints I had to cut so much out of the interview, which was unfortunate cause she had so many wonderful things to say and to giggle about, so here it is the entire uncut interview hope you enjoy.  To get more info on LUVLYF or to hear more of her music hit up her website





Last year I helped make a horror film here in town. COVER was shot at the Fort McMurray Public Library at MacDonald Island Park (and a scene in my own kitchen) and premiered at FILM FEAR last October. After being selected to 18 Film Festivals and winning 3 awards and another nomination, it’s finally available on demand online.

You can watch right here, but as it is a horror short, it’s intended for mature audiences. Happy October!


Exposing the Edmonton Expo

This weekend I took my nerdy butt down the road to the 3rd Annual Edmonton Expo – and I had an amazing time! Saw a lot of Fort McMurray faces down there, both face-to-face and up on stage for costume contests. The show was better than it’s ever been, and that’s saying a lot.

While I was down there, I helped (in a small way) put this Cosplay Music Video together! See if you or someone you know shows up. Or just enjoy the crazy colourful people that make these shows so fun to attend.

And for pictures from the Expo, check out their photostream HERE.